Jenna (nennerfree) wrote,

Putting me to the test...

Brian left me a nice letter in my car yesterday.
That made me very happy. :)

I got a surprising 100 on my Astronomy test. I was about to shit myself when I found out. Eggert is a MUCH better teacher than Riban is. He'll actually explain something to you if you don't understand it. And he moves around the room and keeps your attention...well, more than Riban did. Here's to actually earning my passing grade...

I also got an 88 on my Sociology test. Not bad for not studying.
Tomorrow I find out what I got on my Human Sexuality test. I'm sure I did fine.

I really need to go check out my dad's house, but I'm afraid. Somebody already called asking about the huge oak tree and it just made more scared to go over and see the damage. Besides, my brother said he'd go...
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