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Look where this left me...

Today I decided that I need to make some changes in my life. I rarely exercise anymore, and I feel like my health has taken a hit. I need to start eating better and exercising more. I know I've said this before, but I've been going about it the wrong way. I can't just cut off all caffeine and junk food and then exercise all day so I'll feel like shit the next; I've gotta take it slow. Tomorrow I plan to get up early and go for a walk on the beach. Every day that I don't have school I need to be doing something physical. Five days a week I at least need to go for a walk or go for a bike ride or just do something. Get out into the fresh air. I'm sure that'll do me a lot of good. I also plan to cut the caffeine and drink more Propel since I hate water unless it's free.
After a while I'll change my eating habits and maybe I'll even be able to get myself to eat more fruits and vegetables. But it's all about taking tiny steps.

I just checked my horoscope for today because it was on my AOL welcome screen. It's pretty strange how these things can be dead on.
"Are there routines in your life that you've been thinking about changing? What kind of new behavior can you initiate now that won't alter your lifestyle, but will positively impact your health and your happiness? Remember that even great journeys are started with a single step. Today is about taking that step."

Everything in life is about taking steps. You can't just jump into something or change something so dramatically because you end up lost or unhappy. I've never been able to appreciate drastic change because it seems less meaningful. With gradual changes, everything becomes a process. You're more inclined to learn what works and what doesn't, which helps in the long journey of life. More effort seems to be involved in gradual changes because it takes more determination, thought, and effort. I know what I'm saying doesn't make sense, but that's okay, because it does to me.

I've also been thinking a lot about what it means to care for someone. If you truly care about someone, then should it make a difference whether or not they reciprocate those feelings? If you care about someone, then you want what is best for that person. So really, it doesn't have anything to do with you. You may want that person to care for you, but if you *really* care for them, should that matter?
I don't know.

My brother-in-law told me yesterday that I 'had a heart of gold'. It feels really nice that someone sees in me the kind of person I want to be.

I haven't heard from my cousin who is away at boot camp yet. Maybe I need to send her a SASE. I think I do.

I got a 98 on my Human Sexuality test. And I also learned a lot of good stuff. Learning is FUN.

I'm going to watch the Presidential Debate tonight and hope that I understand it.

If I can't make it to UCF next semester, I'm going to be okay with it. I don't like the idea of being out of school for so long, but I am going to turn it into a positive thing. It will give me the chance to earn some extra money and maybe I'll get to take a road trip or two and see some friends.

We won our softball game last night 24-23. I was very nervous for some reason. My heart was racing and I had butterflies in my stomach. I guess I was just hoping that I performed well because this season has not been good for me. I did make a shoestring catch in the outfield and I threw it back to third for a double play. Oh, and we didn't have the shitty umpires so that was a major plus.

I'm going to write letters. I'm going to spend my night watching the Presidential Debate and looking at stuff on Ebay. And I'm excited about it.
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