Jenna (nennerfree) wrote,

Another random post...

It's been a while since I've posted a lot.
Usually I have to make myself write, but it's been different lately.

I got an e-mail from Libby. It's nice to hear from good friends. :)

I talked to a guidance counselor today. Now I'm waiting to hear back from another guidance counselor so I can talk to her about transferring to UCF.
If I can't make it into UCF because of the CLAST, should I stay for another semester at DBCC? I'm sure I could get a scholarship because there are so many right now that they *have* to give away. It would be one semester less that I get my Bright Futures Scholarship, but it would probably give me extra spending money next semester.

I would like to go to Halloween Horror Nights this year so if anyone would like to accompany me, let me know. :)

It's raining, and that means I'm sleepy.
But I have to go to work soon so I am going to get ready.
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