Jenna (nennerfree) wrote,

I hate sore throats...

I'm sick and I hate it.
The weather is wonderful and all I want to do is curl up in my bed and sleep for hours.
My stomach is killing me and my throat is swollen shut just about.
I went out and bought popsicles for myself because that is the only thing that ever seems to help.
I also called off work tonight. It just wasn't going to happen.

Brian and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We didn't do much besides go out to dinner and rent Saved! I wasn't feeling good yesterday so I slept form 2 - 6 and then I was ready for bed again at 11:30.
Since I'm not going to work tonight, that means I'm not picking up my paycheck. Oh well, it's not like it was a lot anyway.

I baby-sat for my nephew a couple days last week and I'm doing it for a few hours tomorrow provided I feel a little better. My other sister wants me to help her do grades this weekend but I really don't think that's a possibility. We'll see, though.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. If he were alive, I would have bought him tickets to a Magic game.

I'm going to start my Christmas shopping soon because I can't wait much longer. I love buying stuff for other people as long as I know they'll appreciate it. :)

Okay, nap time.
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