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I don't know how many of you on my friends list actually know Mica Bethea, but even if you don't know him, you should still donate.
Or at least take the time to read this:

You may already know that Mica Bethea was involved in a car accident Monday
night. He has suffered injuries to his spine that may result in paralysis.
He does not have medical insurance. There has been a trust fund set up to
help. Perhaps in lieu of flowers, it would be more beneficial to the family
to donate to the trust fund. Please keep Mica and his family in your

Trust Fund is in Mica's dad's name- David Bethea
Wachovia Bank
386-423-4551 Sheila Arroyo (contact person)

Send cards to : Shands Hospital - Room 8037 SICU
C/O Mica Bethea
655 West 8th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209

To All.
I spoke to Micas Dad last night at 8:30pm (Thursday) after the Lakeside Jazz
Festival Meeting

He has been diagnosed with Category C6 Quadriplegic He can move his elbow
and arm - but CANNOT move his fingers.
No movement in the lower part of his body.

You can find more infomation - google Quadriplegic C6

The good news - if there is any - is that there are 5-6 days of swelling
after the accident. As soon as the swelling subsides -this weekend - a
better prognosis will be obtained.

Only family members can see him for short periods of time.
I think that if you don't know him and you still want to donate, you can give me the money and sign a card and I'll make sure he gets it.
I only owe the hospital $4000, I can't imagine what he's going though...

So comment if you'd like to donate and I'll take care of the rest.
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